Audio technical services teams up with Tyler truss ! Next week the first shipment of Tyler Gt pre rigged truss will be showing up at the shop ! This is a major thing for us going into the festival season . When it comes to rigging big stages it becomes very time consuming and often we find ourselves in a race against the clock . With Tyler's new GT truss we will be able to get a full lighting rig up and running in a very short amount of time . Tyler's Gt systems is pre loaded and pre wired so when we hit the deck they get rolled out put into position locked together and flown ! No more painstaking wiring or hanging 120lb lights by hand each time we get on the stage . This allows us to put a full size professional lighting rig on the stage with no hassle ! We are very excited to use this product and bring the benefits it provides to our customers. Only problem is what we are going to be doing with all the time after Load in........hmmm. Sandwich time?

Audio Technical Services

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